2K9 Music Videos

Here are some music videos shot by SmokeHouse Media’s Cory Wires in 2009.  All videos shot on the Panasonic HVX200a.  Recently SmokeHouse Media acquired the Canon 7D.  Get ready to experience the next level of music videos from Boston’s own Cory Wires and SmokeHouse Media.

(2009) “Keep My Head Up” by Usual Suspecktz – shot and edited by Cory Wires

(2009) “Never Felt a Love Like This” by Femi – directed, shot and edited by Cory Wires

(2009) “Heaven” by Vaughn Anthony – shot by Cory Wires

(2009) “On and On” by Famoe feat. Makio – shot by Cory Wires

more MUSIC VIDEOS coming soon